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Mains conditioners

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Balanced mains units (BMU’S), Mains conditioners, purifiers, regenerators, silencers… Like many components and accessories reportedly linked to improving your musical experience, mention any of the above to hi-fi & music enthusiasts and you will receive varying comments, advice, opinions and facial expressions. I was advised by many respected hi-fi enthusiasts “not to bother, or stay clear of A, B or C”. However, if I have learned just one thing over the last half century and a bit of my life, I have learned what works for one, may not work for another. It is a rare that a component (or scenario) is a one size fits all solution. I will invariably do the opposite of what I am advised (in the hi-fi world) and try for myself before making a decision and handing over my hard earned cash. BUT, if my findings are similar to those who advised me, I will always acknowledge their findings!

Companies such as IsoTek, Russ Andrews, PS Audio and Belkin have been championing mains conditioners and various filters for many years, however, only a few companies have extended their range to include balanced mains conditioners (BMU’S)

I initially contacted Airlink Transformers, Richard Dunn (NVA), Russ Andrews, Signature Audio Systems (PS Audio’s UK distributor) and Nick Poulson (Isol-8) and advised each of my existing component list. I also advised I had an open mind regarding expectations.

Thank you to Airlink Transformers and Richard Dunn (NVA). A huge thank you to Stephen Oakes (IsoTek), Russ Andrews & HI FI Pig’s Dan Worth for your continued patience and advice…

More to come. We are testing now!

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio
10 April 2019


Mains conditioners



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