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Alcyona Mick Quintet
Alcyona Mick Quintet
Alcyona Mick

Alcyona Mick Quintet
@ Southbank Centre / The Ballroom
18 November 2007

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Alcyona Mick biography

Alcyona Mick started playing piano at the age of 3. She studied at Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music with Liam Noble, Pete Saberton and Mike Gibbs.

Composition is a big part of Mick’s life. She writes for her own bands and has also received commissions to write for other bandleaders.

Mick has worked with Gene Calderazzo, John Etheridge, Chris Bowden’s ‘Slightly Askew’, Told by an Idiot Theatre co, and Ingrid Laubrock among others. Mick also leads her own quintet and co-leads ‘Bink’.

Alcyona Mick’s debut album was released in July 2006 on Malcolm Creese's Audio-b label. The band continues to tour in the UK.

Alcyona Mick Quintet

Alcyona Mick Quintet

Alcyona Mick Quintet



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