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There are many musicians who have touched my soul
and had a major impact on my thoughts and day-to-day life.
I have been fortunate in some cases to be able to capture many of these musicians on film
(or memory card) and have been able to thank them personally.
There are still literally hundreds of musicians I am eager to photograph.
I hope that I will be able to continue the quest.

Sadly some individuals are no longer with us physically,
but their spirit lives on, especially in the form of music.

Here are just a few of the many musicians and artists
who have touched my heart and soul over the years
who sadly are no longer with us.

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio

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Donny Hathaway - Extension Of A Man Luther Vandross - Dance WIth My Father Jon Lucien - Mother Natures Son Lynden David Hall - Medicine 4 My Pain

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