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Carmen Lundy
Carmen Lundy
Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy
@ Ronnie Scott’s, London
7 June 2005

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Born in Miami, Florida, Carmen Lundy has been performing as a Jazz vocalist and composer for at least three decades. She has been inspired and encouraged by her mother (a respected gospel singer). Lundy studied piano from the age of six. She would later follow her mother by joining the church junior choir. Her passion and determination would lead her into performing at local high schools as part of the vocal duo “Steph and Tret”. Her first recording, “The Price Of Silence” would soon follow.

Lundy studied opera at The University Of Miami, but later converted to Jazz and never looked back. She performed at clubs in Miami and travelled to Europe and North Africa, after graduating with a degree in Studio Music & Jazz. Lundy moved to New York in 1978 and began performing throughout the Tri-State area, Harlem and Greenwich Village.

Lundy also finds the time to teach and offers master classes across the globe from Australia, Denmark and Japan. She has participated in many programmes such as The Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program, where both Carmen and her brother Curtis (an established bassist) have performed as guest artists. Lundy’s paintings have been exhibited in New York at the Jazz Gallery in Soho, The Jazz Bakery and the Madrid Theatre in Los Angeles. She also includes samples of her work within the booklets in her albums.

Not content with all the above activity, Lundy still finds time to perform in theatre plays. She has performed the lead role as ‘Billie Holiday’ in the Off-Broadway play “They Were All Gardenias”, as well as taking the lead in “Duke Ellington’s’ “Sophisticated Ladies”. Her television debut came as the star of the CBS pilot- special “Shangri-La Plaza” in the role of Geneva.

Lundy still continues to work on many projects, while composing and recording new material. Her “Something To Believe In” 2003 release brought her an even larger audience. This will no doubt increase as her work continues to reach even greater heights.


I first witnessed Ms Lundy’s ‘dramatic’ performance at Ronnie Scott’s four years ago. I have fond memories of a certain ‘look’ she gave me when I attempted to discreetly photograph her back then. ‘That look’ stayed with me for years! This time round it was clear from the start that her dramatic presence had not faded. This time round she was happy to see me with my camera and notebook.

Lundy is able to fill Ronnie Scott’s with her presence alone. Though I had not seen her for years, I turned to receive a warm smile from her at the club door entrance. Though I had my back to the door, I felt her energy before actually setting eyes on the lady herself. Her positive energetic aura continued onto the ‘well trodden boards’ of Ronnie Scott’s stage.

You have to be ‘ready to receive’ Carmen Lundy’s full on approach. There were a few individuals who were not familiar with her music, whom clearly found the experience draining. I personally adore Lundy’s fresh, honest and theatrical delivery. I am also familiar with most of her self-penned compositions, such as the delightful “These things you are to me”, or the melancholy edged, but strangely uplifting “Better days”. Lundy has the ability to reach into the heart of every song and wash it until it is thoroughly drenched with her own emotions. This openness gives the listener an insight into “Carmen Lundy”. Even the most emotionally jaded amongst us could really feel the song “Send me somebody”.

Lundy’s exceptional sense of rhythm and playfulness is sometimes taken for granted. The fact that you get so enthralled within the song itself, you forget just how complex the structure and arrangement is. This is testament to Lundy’s prowess and integrity as a singer / performer, especially when you really listen closely to songs such as “My favourite things”, or “Firefly”. All the above combined with her unique operatic approach and the powerful, persuasive upright bass lines from Curtis Lundy, you have a formula that is no less than magical. She is one of a handful of singers who’s vibrant energy flows better live than when being reproduced from a cold digital reproductive source. (Better known as CD).

Lundy clearly enjoys ‘who she is’ and takes pleasure from knowing her audience are soaking up all she has to offer. Just judging by her facial expressions and body language when a few groups had left early (1:30 Am), due to work commitments. It seems she would feel as though she had failed if anyone had left her gig not feeling no less than ‘ecstatic’!

You have probably realised by now that I have been a long time admirer of Carmen Lundy. Not only by her voice and music, but also of her vibrant paintings. I woke up the next morning with Carmen Lundy’s voice and the rich sound of Curtis Lundy’s bass sweetly reverberating in my head.

Carmen Lundy – Vocals, Curtis Lundy – bass, Lage Lund – guitar
Robert Glasper – piano – keyboards, Victor Lewis - drums

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio Ltd.

Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy

Curtis Lundy

Curtis Lundy

lage Lund & Curtis Lundy


Each one of Carmen's albums is in a class by itself!
If I had to choose a favourite. It would be “Self Portrait”, which includes the magical,
“These things you are to me” and “Old Friend”.
For those who still prefer the warmth & 'detail' from the beloved vinyl format,
the album "Changes" is available now at www.purepleasurerecords.com

Changes This is Carmen Lundy Come Home
Moment To Moment Self Portrait Old Devil Moon Something To Believe In



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