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Cecilia Stalin

Cecilia Stalin
@ the Love Supreme Jazz Festival
6 July 2014

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Cecilia Stalín, who got her largest breakthrough in her collaboration with the nu-jazz duo Koop and their song “Waltz for Koop” which was made soundtrack to Woody Allens film Match Point, has worked in different constellations over her years in the business, amongst them Charles Tolliver Big band. First and foremost she has focused on her own ensembles and has played some of the great venues in Stockholm (Fasching, Nalen) and London (Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scotts, The Vortex, Round house) and done some major recordings for the National Radio in both Sweden and UK. She recorded her debut cd “Straight Up,” as soon as she was done with college, with her Swedish quintet in 2005 which was released in Japan and USA in 2006. In 2009 her EP “Afro Blue” was released worldwide via Ajabu! This was the first step towards her full length album “Step Like A Giant”.

At the same time she has been involved in a large number of different collaborations (Kira Neris, Dhundee, Kev Brown, Jay Soul, Replife, UFS, Nate Smith) and this combined has given her an international breakthrough.

Since moving to London Stalin has expanded her musical palate to singing backing vocals for UK pop stars like The Streets (Electric proms), Alesha Dixon (Live Lounge BBC), Nate James and Cinematic Orchestra (on tour), getting booked to play solo piano/singing all over Europe and expanded her vocal coaching. In her music, Cecilia Stalín explores genres from hip hop to nu-jazz to bop/swing. Her voice is her trademark and differs through a wide spectra off closeness and fragility to great willpower. Great willpower is also something that can be said about her successful career, which is filled with exciting collaborations and brilliant reviews.



Step Like A Giant

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