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Nelson Rangell & Everette Harp

Everette Harp

Everette Harp, Nelson Rangell, James Lloyd, Sonny Emory & Hiram Bullock
@ Pigeon Island, St. Lucia Jazz Festival
12 May 2006

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The scenery near this venue entrance alone is enough to take your breath away. Your senses are bombarded by the smell of chicken, fish and other freshly prepared delicacies on offer. You cannot ignore ‘or not admire’ the sight of multi-coloured stalls and multi-coloured homemade items on display by local sellers, who proudly parade their wares. Illuminated trees and historical ruins silhouette against the revamped hooded stage (to cater for all types of weather).


When you see names such as Everette Harp, Nelson Rangell and James Lloyd on a gig line up, you can rest assured you will witness something special. From the outset it seemed that Rangell was out to steal the show with his sexy sax solos. Ironically it was Rangell who I thought might be the quieter / smoother of the two saxophonists. I interviewed Rangell at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London ten years ago. He performed an extremely relaxing smooth jazz set back then. This time round he nearly blew my head off with clean raw power. Rangell also demonstrated the art of circular breathing. It took a little while for the audience to catch their breath!

Everette Harp’s presence alone seemed to add a little soulful spice to the mix. At first he seemed reluctant to step forward and interrupt Rangell’s flow. It took a wink and nod from Rangell to encourage Harp to take the mic’ (so to speak). Once Harp did make that step… he took a few more until both he and lead guitarist physically touched the seated patrons. Though I have had the pleasure of personal performances from many adept saxophonists before. The physical presence and sound of a saxophone up close and personal still sends shivers down my spine. Harp later rejoined Rangell on stage and continued to dazzle the St. Lucian patron’s with combined force.

Initially James Lloyd’s keyboard wizardry seemed a little overshadowed by the two main players – Rangell and Harp. Lloyd addressed this minor issue towards the later part of this set when he briefly moved in front of his keyboard (with his back to the audience) while still providing warm and intricate accompaniment.

Apparently these accomplished musicians had only met a few hours prior to this gig. Somehow they were able to establish a cohesive blend of sexy sax sessions - a soulful groove, melodic keyboards and explosive drums. And all under another magical moonlit St. Lucian sky.

Nelson Rangell – saxophone & flute
Everette Harp – saxophone
James Lloyd – keyboards, Sonny Emory - drums
Hiram Bullock - guitar / vocals

Report by
Robin Francis

© Michael Valentine Studio Ltd

Hiram Bullock

James Lloyd James Lloyd

Hiram Bullock


James Lloyd & Everette Harp

Nelson Rangell

Everette Harp

Nelson Rangell

Everette Harp

Everette Harp

Everette Harp & Hiram Bullock

Everette Harp

James Lloyd




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