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Barbara Ann Cadet

Barbara Ann Cadet

Tabou Combo, Fuego Latino
Ronald “Boo” Hinkson, Barbara Cadet & Kalbas
@ Fond D'Or Nature & Heritage Park, St. Lucia Jazz Festival
5 May 2007

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This gorgeous east coast, Atlantic-side venue was the setting for the Saturday afternoon performances of the first weekend of Jazz. This venue always attracts local families as well as enthusiastic visitors, who expect to see more Caribbean acts than world-famous artistes.

Barbara Ann Cadet

This talented, local saxophonist, keyboard player and singer was recently awarded a local merit medal for her contribution to music. After a few minutes into her set, one could see why. Cadet successfully blends African rhythms with French Caribbean style (Zouk). Her tasteful jazzy rendition of the national anthem “Sons of Daughters of St Lucia” received a standing ovation by locals and Island visitors alike.

Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson

Hinkson is another popular St. Lucian musician. He is a consistent guitarist who has shared the stage with many accomplished world musicians such as Stanley Jordan and George Benson. Hinkson immediately struck gold with his renditions of George Benson’s Breezin’ and Al Jarreau’s Mornin’. And no, wonder with Benson and Jarreau due on main stage within a few days! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for his guest vocalist Stephanie Marshal who struggled with Tania Maria’s “Come With Me”.



The performance started in the early afternoon with the colourful sounds of Kalbas (derived from the hard-shelled calabash used originally as eating bowls). They described themselves as a ‘universal fusion of our ancestors, out of Africa’. They played enthusiastically, switching into the local Patois-speak (mix of French / English) for most of their rhythmic local calypso / reggae sounds. The highlight for the chanting crowd was the introduction of four local dancers in the traditional chequered material. The two, well-proportioned women gave their slimmer male partners a heavy exchange of bumping and grinding using different parts of the lower anatomy to huge cheers from the crowd at every point of contact! ‘Tout monde sa ca bon’ (Everyone should be good!) was the final song of the set, which seemed to sum up the feeling after this first act.

Kalbas Kalbas Kalbas
Local dancers
Local dancers Local dancers
Local dancers
Kalbas & local dancers
Fuego Latino

Fuego Latino

From the outset lead singer Raul Martinez made it clear that ‘We are going to party’! After an afternoon of smooth Jazz, soul mix, expectant patrons moved quickly towards the stage shaking themselves down as if to warm up for a work out. And with a repertoire of Salsa, Meringue, Soca, Bolero, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Venezuelan Folk and Latin Jazz on the programme, who needs a gymnasium?

The party was in full swing when two lucky ladies were enticed onto the stage. No further encouragement was required… hips and arms swaying in Latin ‘wine’ style. It was a treat to see a Londoner with some serious rhythm in her hips!

The Fuego Latino performance was forty-five minutes of high-energy heaven (for those who had the energy to participate). The group's finale was their rendition of the 2007 Caribbean World Cup Cricket Anthem, “The Game Of Love And Unity”

Fuego Latino Fuego Latino Fuego Latino
Fuego Latino
Fuego Latino Fuego Latino

Brief interview with Fuego Latino by Carole Clemesha

Joel Perez formed Fuego Latino in 2004. His inspiration was the need to fill a musical genre void in Trinidad and Tobago. While Latin music and Latinesque bands exist in Trinidad, the sound, the tempo and the styles they felt were lacking in authenticity.

I was amazed to discover this was their first invitation to perform in St. Lucia. Judging by the feedback from locals and visitors, I will guarantee this won’t be their last.

Fuego Latino

Fuego Latino musicians:
Musical Director and Timbales Joel Perez (Venezuela)
Congas - Ernesto Garcia (Venezuela) Bass - Edmond Thomas (Trinidad)
Keyboard - Simon Mendoza (Venezuela) Vocals - Damian Primus (Trinidad)
Vocals - Raul Martinez (Venezuela)

Fond D'or patons
Tabou Combo

Tabou Combo

This long established band from Guadeloupe (French Caribbean) has a funky, zouk style. Their contagious energy kept this now worked-up crowd on their feet. With song titles such as “Pump Up the Booty”, it is easy to see why!

Fond D’Or patrons eventually filtered away smiling and still full of energy. No one could complain they did not get their money's worth tonight!

Tabou Combo Tabou Combo Tabou Combo
Tabou Combo Tabou Combo Tabou Combo
Tabou Combo
Fond D'or patons Tabou Combo Fond D'or patons
Fond D'or patons

Report by Carole Clemesha & Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio Ltd.

Barbara Cadet & band

Barbara Cadet band

Barbara Cadet backing singers

Barbara Cadet backing singer

Barbara Cadet band


Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson

Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson

Stephanie Marshall

Moses & Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson




Ronald "Boo" Hinkson - Beyond

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