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Joey Calderazzo

Joey Calderazzo

Joey Calderazzo
@ The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
15th November 2005

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Joey Calderazzo studied classical piano from age eight. His jazz journey would begin a few years later. Calderazzo joined Michael Brecker’s band in 1987 and soon progressed to record with the likes of Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Belden, Rick Margitza and Bob Mintzer. Calderazzo joined the Branford Marsalis Quartet after Kenny Kirkland passed away, late 1998.

Calderazzo’s solo career was never too far from sight. His energy and technique have always raised an eyebrow or two when performing with Brecker’s band. Years later you may wander why he took so long to make the ‘solo step’.

“The complete exposure of solo piano always scared me in the past,” he notes. “But the music I was writing, and the direction my playing was going, demanded that I focus on solo piano to capture what was in my head. As time passed, I slowly started doing more solos on my own gigs, and I finally reached the point where there was nothing for me to be afraid of. I was still unsure when I scheduled a series of solo gigs in England, until one concert that was supposed to be 70 minutes long ended up running two hours with all of the encores. That was the breakthrough.”

Calderazzo’s “Haiku” was released on the Marsalis Music label in August 2004 to great critical acclaim.

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio Ltd.
January 2006

Joey Calderazzo

Joey Calderazzo

Joey Calderazzo



Haiku Joey Calderazzo



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