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Khalid Kouhen
Khalid Kouhen & Barbara Cadet
Barbara Cadet

Khalid Kouhen & Barbara Cadet
@ Pigeon Island, St. Lucia Jazz Festival
6 May 2009

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Khalid Kouhen biography

Percussionist, composer and producer, Khalid Kouhen was born in Morocco and has lived in France since 1978. Brought up with the traditional music of Morocco, he opened up to new musical sounds: Brazilian, African, Afro-Cuban, Indian and Jazz. Playing a large range of instruments, he has performed with outstanding musicians such as Archie Shepp, Manu Dibango, Glen Ferris, Marc Ducret, Syvain Luc, Olivier Ker Ourio, Driss El Maloumi, Pandit Shankar toname a few. Kouhen has become one of the most talented tablas players in Europe. He has also run various workshops all over the world.

Barbara Cadet biography

Barbara Ann Cadet's name is becoming more and more indelible in the musical tapestry of Saint Lucia. It is not uncommon for this composer arranger/composer to dedicate extended seasons to research, development and proper documentation of near extinct folk theatre music. Her work with poetry and theatre are also worth noting. Over the past six months she worked with Saint Lucian writer/poet Adrian Augier to produce two 90minute soundtracks for two productions. A former head of the Woodwind Department at the Saint Lucia School of Music, she undertook her musical training in the land of her birth, England having equal competence in musical theory. Her musical collaborations and experimentations are legendary as are her innovative musical projects. She recently opened her recording studio.

Khalid Kouhen and Barbara Cadet

Khalid Kouhen and Barbara Cadet & band





Khalid Kouhen

Khalid Kouhen and Barbara Cadet

Khalid Kouhen



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