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Andreya Triana
Andreya Triana
Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana
@ Southbank Centre / The Ballroom
25 November 2007

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With a natural ear for music, Andrea Triana began singing and song writing from the age of seven, taking influence from her mixed surroundings and cultural background, self taught in four instruments during her early years. Hailing originally from South East London she moved to Worcester in the West Midlands at 14, finding herself without the comfort of familiar surroundings her interest in music became more intense. At 17 she started doing an open mic night at the local music venue where the owner introduced her to a collective of musicians. It was with this collective of talented and older musicians called Bootis that was to form the benchmark for her musical education.

Bootis eventually disbanded with members moving away marking an end of an era for the singer's early singing career. It was while studying for a degree in Music Technology in Leeds Triana decided to reform Bootis with new members and a new sound influenced largely by Jazz, Funk and Nu Soul. With this new line up Triana began to refine her skills as a singer, songwriter and performer. Bootis gigged and recorded extensively over the course of two years doing their final gig at Live8 in 2005.

On finishing her degree Triana fronted the 8-piece Latin-Jazz outfit RSL. She would eventually tour the UK perusing a solo career. A host of collaborations would follow and her interest in developing her solo experimental vocal set aptly named ‘FreeFlo Sessions’ ensued. It was with these FreeFlo session home recordings and a heartfelt application that landed her a sought after place at the 2006 Red Bull Music Academy. Being one of sixty people to be selected worldwide she was flown to Australia for an intense and mind expanding experience, collaborating with some of the best musicians and producers in the world. Since returning from the Red Bull Music Academy Triana has travelled all over the world for gigs and musical projects, including working with the legendary Mizell Brothers.

2007 saw her first collaborative projects released to rave reviews and radio play on BBC Radio One. Triana currently resides in Brighton and with a vast amount of experience under her belt she is now embarking on writing her first solo album.

Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana



Watch this space!

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