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Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho
@ the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre
15 November 2012

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A “traveller’s diary.” These are the words used by Flavia Coelho, Rio de Janeiro’s very own, who came to Paris in 2006, to describe her first album. The image sticks to her album entitled “Bossa Muffin,” springy and true to her joyful tumultuous life, ready to take on the world and experience the beautiful encounters that came her way.

A unique mix of samba and bossa nova harmonic treasures, the hypnotic rhythm of the popular Nordestine music, the bouncing loops of reggae, the skilful braggadocio of ragamuffin, the essential pulses of African music, or even a glimpse of Catalan rumba…all of the above, seasoned with the voice of Flavia Coelho - just a soft voice, a proud and fragile twang, appealing and warm, her colloquial voice, deep and natural.

Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho Band

Flavia Coelho Band Flavia Coelho


Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho



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