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AMG Viella V12 turntable


AMG Viella V12 Turntable
Experience Update

AMG Viella V12 turntable

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AMG Viella V12 turntable

Three years ago I replaced my beloved Linn Lp12 with the AMG Viella V12 after over twenty years of a completely trouble free music loving service. Of course I expect the same trouble free length of service (and more) from my AMG Viella V12 (bearing in mind the two turntables are completely different in design). AND the old saying, “they don’t build them like they used to” does spring to mind…

Just like your car or household insurance, you only know how reliable a retailer, distributor, or hi-fi company is when you need their advice or expertise due to an issue! Whether your turntable cost you £20 or £20,000, you would hope you can rely on the above for support if you do have questions or issues (major or minor)?

Turntable power supply!

From the outset I discovered the turntable (power supply) hates to be switched off. If you switch it off for just a few seconds you will most likely have to reset the turntable platter speeds. The longer the power supply is off, the more drastic the speed variation loss. On one occasion, the platter speed was out by such a wide margin, it took considerable time to readjust to the correct speed. In fact, both I and my engineer advisor were sure there was an issue with the power supply itself. After many days of careful examination and fault finding, we were able to readjust to the platter to the correct speed. This seemingly minor quirk may be true for some turntables with a separate power supply? I am aware other components will perform at their best if constantly powered up (or on standby). For example, amplifiers and CD players.

Audible anomalies

I can hear what appears to be a series of absolutely identical scratches (or scrapes) when the tonearm reaches the middle of the last track on every album (or towards the end of every 12” single). I have checked for stylus wear and cartridge alignment accuracy. The stylus is also clean. This annoying anomaly seems does seem to happen more frequently if the platter clamp is tightened firmly onto the record, but this is not a given. I am still trying to work out what is causing this bemusing and repetitive anomaly?

Despite the above, I am extremely happy with the AMG Viella V12 turntable. Many music lovers have sung its praises and either ordered the turntable after listening, or at least have added it to their most wanted list. I have received emails from the USA, Germany and Japan requesting further in-depth information.

AMG turntable upgrades

AMG have offered a tonearm upgrade in the form of the 12JT for some time as well as other turntable upgrades in the form of the Viella Forte 12 Turbo turntable and the Viella Forte Engraved 12 Turbo turntable (available from May 2019). Please contact AMG regarding these upgrades.

I am awaiting a response from AMG regarding the audible anomalies. I will keep you informed of progress!

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio
June 2019


Use the link below to view the Turntable Upgrade…

Turntable Upgrade  (click to go to this page)

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