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AMG V12 Turntable with Teatro MC cartridge

Stylus Vinyl Show 2016

Selected Hi fi news & Experience Reviews




“It’s all about delivering high drama to the listener” – Wynton Marsalis

How could we be passionate about music, and not be passionate about Hi-fi?
To us the two go hand in hand.

Our passion for music and how it is recorded has fuelled our interest in how we can get the best reproduction in our own homes. Today we have many listening formats to choose from, vinyl, online streaming, CD, SACD, MP3 etc. At present we still believe that VINYL is king. Many of the album reviews on this site are still carried out by listening to VINYL, but the format choice is yours.

Here you will find completely unbiased 'Experience References' & information regarding components and accessories we either use now, or will do so in the near future pending testing results. If we find any component or components that work well, we will endeavour to highlight them within these pages.

Your opinion is important to us!
We value your opinion and feedback regarding any equipment you use?

Robin Francis
C/o Michael Valentine Studio Ltd


Alternative Audio Audio Venue bespoke audio visual consultants Selectaudio the Cartridgeman
AMG Analog Manufaktur Germany Martin Logan Quadraspire Whest Audio

Musical Fidelity M8-500S power M8PRE preamplifier experience review

Musical Fidelity M8-500S power M8PRE preamplifier experience review

The Origin Live  power supply upgrade

Wilson Audio Watt Puppy  Version 7 Loudspeakers @ the 2006 Hi-fi show








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