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Experience Reviews?

Music is my passion (first and foremost).
I am not a HI-FI dealer, though I would happily take on distributor duties for the right company if given the opportunity.

All hi-fi components or accessories I fall in love with and keep are paid for!
I sometimes struggle to do this, but I will sacrifice a lot to insure I have the best equipment within my relatively modest fluctuating budget!

I am fortunate enough to be exposed to hundreds of live musicians on stage every year playing ‘real instruments.’ I listen to what they play and how they play it (plugged & unplugged). I always try to speak to them about the music they play and the music they listen to at home. I also question them about the HI-FI equipment they use (if any) in their homes and / or the equipment they might use in the studio. We usually share our experiences regarding various equipment and recordings. I also consult with the many sound engineers I meet on the road who use their ears and technical expertise in studios and on stage.
I have been listening and exploring music in my home (mainly on vinyl) for over forty years.

I refer to my reviews as ‘Experience Reviews’ as this is exactly what they are!

I do not take commissions to write reviews!
I have no ties (financial or other) with any specific company!
I pay for all of the HI-FI components I own!

Together with trusted friends, sound engineers and musicians (whose hearing is still on point) carry out major research before inviting components into my home. I often invite the same sound engineers and musicians to sit in during demonstrations. This way, I insure my own listening skills are challenged.

Though I may start off with a various number of components, I will only concentrate and fully report on what actually works for me.

Though I may start off with a various number of components or accessories, I will only concentrate and fully report on what actually works for me. I appreciate ‘what works for one, may not work for another.’ Everybody is different; we all hear and experience music in different ways, our homes and other environmental factors will make a difference in how we receive music.
I will always encourage you to explore for yourselves if your imagination is sparked by what you read!


Robin Francis
C/o Michael Valentine Studio
… For the love of music!

October 2020

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