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Eddie Henderson
Eddie Henderson
Eddie Henderson

Eddie Henderson
@ the Pizza Express, London
25 October 2011 - 12 September 2005


Edward Jackson Henderson initially trained to be a doctor before turning his attentions to the trumpet. He studied trumpet in his hometown at the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music. Henderson went on to work with the likes of Tyrone Washington, Joe Henderson and John Handy. Further exploration and recognition was gained while working with the Herbie Hancock Sextet (1970 - 1973). Henderson’s own releases utilised musical electronic advances of the time and leaned towards a more commercial flavour. Hancock’s sextet went there separate ways after financial difficulties, but Henderson was able to fall back on his other trade (medicine), which he practiced on a part-time basis 1975 – 1985. He also teamed up with Mick Nock and Art Blakey to insure some memorable performances. Henderson was still eager to explore, he led a rock-oriented group in the late 1970’s, but returned to playing acoustic hard bop in the 1990’s. He toured with Billy Harper in 1991 while working as a psychiatrist.

Henderson has always placed Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan at the forefront of his many influences. He was fortunate to have been able to practise with Hubbard and Morgan at the beginning of his journey and shared Miles Davis’ love of Ferraris!

Henderson’s continues to release many innovative and memorable recordings. Many of his earlier recordings on vinyl are highly collectable and fetch relatively high prices at fares and specialist outlets.

Review (12 September 2005)

I vaguely remember a few of Henderson’s more commercial, fusion offerings in the 1970’s. I was not even out of my school shorts at that stage in my journey (musical or otherwise) and my main concern was finding a way to stop my nobly knees from knocking!

I knew from the outset this gig would be a learning process as well as a memory jogger. After all, if I knew every musicians work inside out, there would almost be no point in further exploration.

Whether the mood be hard bop, swing - or fusion, Henderson makes it all look and sound all so easy and natural - almost as if he was born with the trumpet in his hand. His improvisational abilities are second to none. Henderson’s fellow musicians also proved exactly why they were on the same stage. Jason Rebello’s agility on piano compliments Henderson’s ability to build complex structures and added a unique flavour and depth to this multi textured set. You could almost see the colours painted by Henderson and Rebello dance in front of your very eyes. Henderson also injects his own unique charm to every composition. “The Surrey With A Fringe On Top” (a composition taken from the Broadway hit ‘Oklahoma) danced and skipped along as though Henderson were performing ‘physically’ in the play himself. The sublime and aptly titled “Dark Shadows” (Henderson’s own composition) would not have been out of place on any of Miles Davis’ early recordings. Henderson’s intensity and control is such that he could summon an army to the peak of it’s power and potential, or soothe a restless baby to sleep with his hypnotic charms.

I’m not sure if it was Henderson’s intention, but both he and his fellow musicians captured the spirit of Miles Davis “Kind Of Blue” in this set.

Henderson’s trumpet carries a wonderfully clear, soothing tone, muted or not. His set at the Pizza Express was a master class in technique and style. I am not a trumpet player, or any kinda player, but I hung around after Henderson’s set to listen to many musicians offer words of admiration and to also ask questions regarding his choice of mouthpiece, technique, lip positioning and overall instrument alignment etc.

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio

Eddie Henderson & Arnie Somogyi

Eddie Henderson & Arnie Somogyi

Eddie Henderson & Arnie Somogyi

Stephen Keogh

Eddie Henderson

Eddie henderson

Eddie henderson & Band

Jason Rebello & Eddie henderson



Time & Spaces Oasis Dark Shadows
Reemergence Sunburst Phantoms Anthology



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