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Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne
@ Pigeon Island, St. Lucia Jazz Festival
9 May 2009

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Jeffrey Osborne began his recording career with LTD (Love, Togetherness and Devotion) in 1970, staying with them for a decade of hit records. His induction into the group (initially as its drummer) came when LTD was visiting his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, where his early years had been spent listening to the likes of Johnny Mathis, Gloria Lynne, Sarah Vaughan, Joe Williams – and, of course, legendary vocal teams like The Temptations and The Four Tops.

“Being raised in a home with twelve children was hectic but fun,” he recalls. “Part of the fun was hearing my dad’s music – he was a great trumpet player. He was a big influence on me musically. I took up the trumpet in elementary school and kept at it into high school.”

Switching to drums in his teens, Jeffrey Osborne also began developing his vocal skills with local bands. At the age of 17, he was asked to sit as a drummer with the legendary O’Jays and four years later, he filled in on drums for LTD for one gig – and was subsequently hired as a permanent member of the funk ‘n’ soul team.
In 1971, the group relocated to California, initially working with Ode/A&M recording artist Merry Clayton, with Jeffrey doing sessions on the side with acts like The Sylvers and Smokey Robinson until the group finally secured their own record deal with A&M in 1973.

“Everyone was sharing lead vocals when we started, so we had no vocal identity. It wasn't until 1975 when “Love Ballad” came out that our vocal sound became established. I’m very proud that they wanted me to be the lead singer.”

Osborne led the group through further hits like the 1977 No. 1 R&B and Top 5 pop smash “Back In Love Again” and “Holding On (When Love Is Gone),” one platinum and two gold albums, before stepping out on his own in 1980. With the release of his first self-titled solo LP in 1982, “Jeffrey Osborne,” he found himself chart-bound via hits like “On The Wings Of Love” and “I Really Don't Need No Light.”

During his seven years as a solo chart-maker with A&M, Jeffrey racked up hits like “Stay With Me Tonight,” “The Last Time We Made Love” (with Joyce Kennedy), “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)” and the 1988 R&B chart-topper, “She’s On The Left.” In 1984, he co-wrote the song “All At Once” for Whitney Houston’s multi-million selling debut album and established himself as a major concert attraction through constant touring both at home and abroad.

While absent from recording for most of the last decade – with the exception of the 1997 release of “Something Warm For Christmas” on Modern Records – Osborne’s schedule of non-stop touring continued unabated.

In 2003, Osborne’s long-awaited CD, “Music Is Life” was released on his own label (Jay Oz Records). This collection, co-produced and co-written by Osborne, marks the artist’s 30th year since the release of his very first album as the drummer for the R&B group L.T.D. in 1973.

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne

Teddyson John, Jeffrey Osborne, James Ingram & Be Be Winans

George Duke, Be Be Winans, Teddyson John,  Jeffrey Osborne & James Ingram



Music Is Life Love Songs That's For Sure The Ultimate Collection



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