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Teddyson John

Teddyson John

Teddyson John
@ Pigeon Island, St. Lucia Jazz Festival
9 May 2009

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Lucian born Teddyson John is blessed with a natural vocal / performing talent; there is no question that he was born with the charm and charisma that characterises the enduring musical giants of our time. He clearly demonstrates his gift through his competence as a drummer, keyboardist, percussionist and singer. An adeptness with a range of genres from soul, RnB, soca and jazz, there is no doubt Teddyson John is on his way to becoming a significant name in the sphere of popular Caribbean music.

It was from a challenge issued by soul/R&B Diva Patti La Belle, headliner at St. Lucia Jazz Festivals some years ago, for a male to duo with her on one of her legendary hits. John came, he sang and he conquered.

John has the distinction of being the very first ‘Groovy Soca Monarch’ in a time when competition was the furthest thing on his mind – more so in the soca arena. The release of his debut single “ Coming Down De Road” in the pre-carnival season worked to sideline all other open contenders for a soca title.

At present, John is signed with SLU Records and is hard at work in their studios. He is also currently hard at work, leader of the Almond Resort Smugglers Cove resident band, lead vocalist of the Caribbean jazz-fusion band (Blue Mango) and the drummer of the crossover-jazz band Soulfude (say Soul Food).


Teddyson John

Teddyson John

Teddyson John



Watch this space!



Teddyson John with Solefood @ Pigeon Island 2008,
Jeffrey Osborne @ Pigeon Island 2009...

Teddyson John with Solefood @ Pigeon Island 2008 (click to go to their page) Jeffrey Osborne @ Pigeon Island 2009 (click to go to his page)

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