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Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards
@ Vortex Outdoors, Gillett Square
28 September 2008

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Born in Hackney and raised in Tottenham, London, Zena Edwards was immersed in the fashion, music and heat of the mid 1970’s

“Music and the Spoken Word has saved me till now and I want to keep having fun, create, laugh, cry, learn and maybe save a few lives in the process. Music and spoken word honoured me with a whole new life.......”

Edwards has collaborated with international artists from South Africa, France, US and the UK.

“I ventured over the river to the Bug Bar, Souls of Black Folks and Armaghetto to discover my poetic roots in 1998 and its been no looking back ever since.”

To date Edwards has performed at many festivals and appeared on stage at many celebrated tour dates such as Future Sounds of Jazz tour (2004), WOMAD (2004), North Sea Jazz Festival (2003), The Cheltenham Literature Festival (2003), The London Jazz Festival (2003, 2004), Poetry International at the Royal Festival Hall (2002), The Kin Tour – Renaissance One (2003), The URB Hip Hop Festival – Helsinki (2002 and 2003), Jonzi D’s Aeroplane Man (2002and 2003), Palabaras @ Paradiso – Amsterdam (2002, 2003, 2004), The SpitLit Festival (2001 and 2002), Black Magic Woman Festivsal 2002, The Glastonbury Festival 2001, The Zanzibar International Film Festival 2001, The World Expo – Hanover 2000, The MEP International Literature Festival (Amsterdam) 1999.

Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards


Click the link below for Zena Edwards myspace page...

OneTaste Vol 3



Click Zena Edwards' image below to view her photographs @ the Royal Festival Hall, 2013,
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