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Ballerina Sweetspot  Chair

Ballerina Sweetspot  Chair

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‘Ballerina Sweetspot is one of the world’s first purpose-built listening chairs.’
Crafted by Swedish designers Jonas Rylander and audiophile Michael Hollesen for Klutz Design.

I wanted to include this stunning chair as part of the Essential Accessories page. The right listening chair is an essential item, after all, if your chair is the wrong height, reclines too far, or is just plain uncomfortable, it will dramatically impair your listening pleasure.

The search for my ideal listening chair began by physically visiting various furniture stores in London and Surrey borders, however, after weeks of worn out shoe leather and disappointment, the search continued within the virtual world. I was immediately bombarded with images of the highly celebrated Eames Lounge Chair by Herman Miller (£3000 for originals or £700 approximately for Eames ‘inspired’ versions) or the Gamut Lobster chair by Danish duo Lund and Paarmann (£3000+). However, these chairs (as nice as they look) fall short immediately due to the fact the seating position on each is too low and they are not height adjustable. Owners of electrostatic speaker (ESL’s) are passionate about hitting that ‘sweet spot’. Seat height is crucial, so finding a chair at the right height, or at least a chair with adjustable seat height is crucial!

This gorgeous chair appears to have been designed for a discerning Homer Simpson! It has many key features, adjustable seat height (whoopee), 13cm headrest, lumbar support, vibration supressing gascylinder support and (the Homer Simpson part)… specially curled shaped arm rests to provide a home for your remote controls (or small doughnuts)!

I fell in love with this chair and wanted to know more, so I emailed Klutz Design.
Below is the response I received from designer Michael Hollesen...

Hi Robin,

I am sorry to say that we've never put the chair into production. Back when we launched the concept, the price simply became too big for what the market could bear (USD 10-12.000) - but that was when a high-end loudspeaker was around USD 25.000. In these days, together with the advent of 3D printing we might be able to produce the chair much cheaper than before... And now high-end speakers are USD 250.000.

We have only one chair in our possession - which has become somewhat of a collector’s item. The most recent bid we had for it was USD 15.000 (+ transport), but we still feel that it would require more for us to sell this “object of passion”. This would most likely be bought either by a leading high-end store that want to use it in their most prestigious high-end demo-room as a “marketing strategy” - or of course one of the most passionate high-end listeners out there with a “setup to match”.

I'll be happy to let you know if we ever move into a production - and equally you are welcome to let me know if you or any readers would be interested in owning the single most interesting listening chair in the world.

Best regards from Sweden

This chair is sweet! Same cannot be said about the price tag, 15.000 USD (£11540 at the current conversion rate). Obviously I just could not justify it a place within the Essential Accessories range. I still want it though!

March 2015, I purchased a Mies Van Der Rohe Style Brno flat bar Chair (£293) from Vita Interiors. The Seat height is not adjustable, but it is the right height for my Martin Logan Scenario electrostatics. No ‘curled shape arm rests’ for my doughnuts though.
(I don’t eat doughnuts anyway)!

June 2017, while travelling to a jazz gig, I was fortunate to commander a parking space directly opposite to an established barber shop on Charlotte Street WC1. As I peered through the immaculately clean front window my eye was drawn to the beautifully designed and very comfortable looking height adjustable chairs parked neatly in front of mirrors.
My research into smaller height adjustable barbers chairs or stylist chairs began as soon as I returned home that night.
Weeks later I settled upon my second (and hopefully final) chair purchase…

This barbers, or stylist salon chair is not flanked with a designer’s name (as far as I know), however,
it is now the most comfortable chair I have. Oh, and the price for this height adjustable, swivel, reclining chair with removable footrest, a minuscule £136!

Mies Van Der Rohe Style Brno flat bar Chair

Adjustable Hydraulic Barber Reclining Salon Chair

Robin Francis
© Main text Michael Valentine Studio Ltd.
May - June 2017

Ballerina Sweetspot  Chair

Ballerina Sweetspot  Chair

Ballerina Sweetspot  Chair

Ballerina Sweetspot  Chair



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