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Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier and Preamplifier
Sanders Sound Systems
Magtech Monoblock power amplifer
& Preamplifier
Experience Review 2

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier

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“…Electronics have their lowest distortion and optimum performance at a specific design voltage. If the voltage varies, the amplifier's performance will suffer.

An additional problem in amplifiers is that they require bias to eliminate crossover notch distortion and determine their class of operation. The bias will vary as the voltage does, which will further reduce performance.

An amplifier's voltage will fluctuate wildly as dynamic music is played. This causes the amplifier's distortion and bias to vary constantly and fail to meet its full performance potential.

As if all these problems are not enough, as an amplifier's voltage sags under load, the power it can deliver is greatly reduced. If the voltage would remain stable, the amplifier could produce much more power. Since most audiophile speaker systems require several hundred watts of power to avoid clipping and compression of the dynamic range, power is extremely important.


All quality, line-level electronics use voltage regulation in their power supplies to produce a stable voltage, regardless of load or the mains voltage. Audiophiles would not consider using a source component that did not have regulated power supplies. So why use amplifiers with unregulated supplies?

The main problem is heat. Amplifiers operate at much higher voltages and currents than line level source components. These higher voltages and currents forces conventional regulator designs to waste large amounts of energy, which wastes expensive electricity and causes the amplifier to get very hot.

Also, many regulator designs radiate RF (Radio Frequency) energy when switching high currents and voltages. This RF gets into the amplifier's electronics and can cause instability, oscillation, and noise. As a result of these problems, modern power amplifiers do not use regulated power supplies and fail to take advantage of the benefits available from doing so.

Sanders has solved these problems by developing a voltage regulator that is essentially 100% efficient. There is no heat dissipated by the regulator system. There is no high-power/high-voltage switching that causes heat generation or RF problems.

The regulator in the Magtech amplifier maintains a stable voltage regardless of load or reasonable changes in the line voltage feeding the amplifier. It runs stone cold, produces zero RF energy, and is simple and reliable.

Unlike other amplifiers, the distortion in the Magtech amplifier is virtually unchanged regardless of power level. The bias is stable regardless of load.

The regulator makes it possible to obtain a 50% increase in power over the same amplifier operated unregulated. In its stereo form, the Magtech will deliver 500 watts/channel into an 8 ohm load and 900 watts/channel into a 4 ohm load…”
Sanders Sound Systems

Before placing my order with Sanders Sound Systems, I communicated with Sanders Sound Systems representative ‘Josh’ (who impressed me with modest confidence in their products and after care service). I also shared my interest with MartinLogan electrostatic speaker owners in the US via the MartinLogan Owner Group on Facebook and received the following testimonial…

“After 30 years of listening to a lot of amps, I can say that my Magtech is the best amp I have ever heard…”
Roland Plotzki (MartinLogan Owners Group)


Component external aesthetics?

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier and Preamplifier

Audiophiles who feel the need to compare the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier and Preamplifier external aesthetics against other high end components, may come to the conclusion that the Sanders units are somewhat bland? However, I am sure most ‘real’ audiophiles will confess to actually prioritising substance over style? For me, the Sanders Sound System units convey subtle high quality style elements. The fact that these units do not draw attention to themselves with items such as level meters is actually a bonus. Occasionally my eyes do wonder towards my turntable, CD player, then downwards at the compact and solidly built Sanders Sound Systems Monoblocks and Preamplifier, but at this level, you should know. The music is all that really matters!



With my head still settled comfortably against my listening chair head rest, I began to reminisce on my journey so far. It has taken over a year of extensive mental and physical travel (to and from various retailers between Covid 19 restrictions). Plus the extra expense in respect of the occasional dispatch and return costs with other amplification that just did not work out. Then there is the dreaded import duty cost (for Sanders Sound Systems components).Injuries to my body due to poor amplifier lifting technique, plus I’m sure my hair has turned another shade of grey over the last year? I still wondered. Have I reached the end of my amplifier search?

I set-out to explore a few preselected vinyl and CD favourites.

With expectations high, Keith Jarrett’s subtly tonally demanding and emotionally rich “Tribute” vinyl album (featured in a few earlier experience reviews) was the first to reach my ears. This recording features Jarrett’s trademark ‘unique commanding colours on piano’ as well as Dejohnette’s dancing drum licks. I was hoping to experience all the above characteristics clearly and precisely placed within my modest MartinLogan Scenario and later, my new MatinLogan Impression ESL 11A electrostatic speaker’s soundstage. Thankfully, not only were the above characteristics clearly evident this time, I was also offered a distinctly more defined and immersive soundstage.

The above was a great start and I was extremely pleased to have quickly established the astounding musical dexterity and depth the Sanders Magtech Monoblocks and Preamplifier had to offer, time to explore further…

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier and Preamplifier

I normally compile experience reviews while actually listening to music. This process always made perfect sense to me as the inspiration, sentiment and energy is hopefully conveyed into my words; however, on this occasion it was impossible to multi-task as my ears were consistently drawn into an almost living and breathing three dimensional musical window. I was glued to my listening chair and could only move to either change the vinyl album, or CD. My preselected neatly arranged albums (set to one side) eventually turned into a multi-pick ‘random search through my main catalogue.’ My imagination was running amok. I wanted to hear, feel experience everything in my collection right now!

I eagerly plucked Charles Mingus’ “Mingus Ah Um” vinyl album from its slot in my collection. As many jazz aficionados will know, Charles Mingus was certainly a ‘character’ of many shapes, tones and colours. Even today I am always a tad reluctant to discuss, or even smile at the stories shared about his short fuse (for example). I occasionally imagine meeting various musicians ‘in the next life’ and considered Mingus might be one of them. I considered he might be listening or watching me and could ‘misunderstand’ my thoughts and gestures?

Mingus’ multifaceted traits are supremely evident within his eclectic compositions. I have explored “Ah Um” through various other forms of amplification in the past year and always felt satisfied I was receiving all there was to offer from my recent reissue. However, on this occasion I was astounded at how much extra was on offer both musically and emotionally. The precisely placed multi-layered instrumentation within an expansive soundstage truly engulfed my senses. Mingus is not listening and watching me. I sense that Mingus and his band are performing right in front of me (Surely nothing to be fearful of)?

Sanders Sound Systems Preamplifier

On the first day alone I listened long into the early hours of the morning. During the day I cranked the volume up to over 70db without wincing or tiring at the supremely controlled stunning musical montage these powerhouse Monoblocks laid before me.

I believe even my non-music loving neighbours will appreciate the refined attributes of these Monoblocks, especially if it means they can sleep undisturbed at 2:00AM any day in the week?




Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier

The Sanders Magtech Monoblock power amplifiers and Preamplifier unlocked previously hidden layers and textures within every recording I explored (from either vinyl or CD format). I was treated to one of the most lucid, sonically transparent and organic musical presentations I have heard to date. At last, I am able to indulge deeply within my music collection without concern that the above presentation will alter in any way due to fatigue when driving my electrostatic speakers. This is exactly how it should be. I feel confident to confirm, I have now reached the end of my amplifier search!



Magtech power amplifier Electrical Specifications
1600 watts RMS into an 8 ohm load
2000 watts RMS into a 4 ohm load

DC through 100kHz
Class of Operation

Class AB
Input Impedance
100K unbalanced, 1K balanced

Input voltage required for full output
2.2 Volts
Nore than 110dB below rated output

32 dB

Less than 0.01%

Damping Factor
Greater than 600 into an 8 ohm load

Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide.


Complete system details & configuration

AMG Viella V12 turntable with AMG Teatro MC & AMG reference tonearm cable
Phono stage & interconnect cables. Whest PS.40RDT Special Edition phono stage
with Kimber Select KS-1116 XLR interconnect cable

CD player
Musical Fidelity A3 CD player (internally upgraded)
Van Den Hul The Second Analogue Interconnect cables

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power ampifiers x 2 and Preamplifier
Connected via Luminist Revision Poseidon XLR balanced cables

MartinLogan Scenario hybrid electrostatic speakers,
MartinLogan Impression ESL 11A hybrid electrostatic speakers with Kimber 12TC speaker

Quadraspire Q4 EVO turntable wall bracket. Quadraspire Q4 EVO 4 tier shelf

Power & mains cables
Russ Andrews BMU 3000 for CD player, turntable & phonostage
Powerkord 300 mains cables for BMU, amplifiers, Preamplifier and speakers

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio
December 2020


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